Sunday, January 30, 2011

NEW blog

I finally did it and merged this blog into a new one called ....We are not just a Coble family anymore...We are Coble- Ivy. Will be posting to new blog as much as I can VERY VERY BIG things for 2011!

January 2011

Its been awhile and I seem to let time get away from me. We had a great weekend. Lawson had his pinewood derby, he didn't have the fastest car but mom tried her best and he said it was the coolest. We went to Hobby Lobby and I gave him free reign over picking out decor. His car turned out to be a skull/pirate car. Tadd is working in Massachusetts and we are missing him so much! I have been putting my spare time to use though and being healthy and working out and down 9 pounds since the first of the year! I have been attempting to start sewing again, I haven't since my teens but it is something to keep me busy on the weekends the kids are with their dad. Britian has healed wonderfully from her surgery, another set of tubes and tonsils and adenoids removed. She is so tough. When she woke up from surgery she was still groggy and went back to bed, a few hours later she woke up and said where is Tadd? No, where is mom...because mom was there every second...I guess we don't get all the glory. It was hard waking her up every thirty minutes to drink but if I didn't we would have had to stay longer. She is such a trooper. We were lucky enough to have a few snow days this month and the kids and I had a snowball fight. Brrrr that snow is COLD! I am busy planning Britain's 6th birthday where does time go? She is requesting a Build-A-Bear party with her friends. I'm also making her a home cooked meal of her choice her actual birthday weekend and celebrating with family. Lawson talked to my mom on the phone the other night over an hour, he kept telling her joke after joke...I think he is a little comedian in training..he would say "let me pull one more out of my sleeve grandma...They have such a beautiful bond!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had an amazing Christmas this year! We were able to spend a few days in Missippi and visit with Granny and Pop Ivy (Tadd’s grandparents). It was a nine hour drive but the time spent with family was priceless! Lawson really took to Granny and enjoyed helping her in the kitchen! Christmas2010 006 Christmas2010 007 Christmas2010 008 Christmas2010 011 Christmas2010 050 Christmas2010 054 Christmas2010 055 Christmas2010 056 Christmas2010 057 Christmas2010 059

Monday, December 6, 2010

Allen Family Christmas

What an amazing weekend! The family and I couldn't have asked for a better time if we tried. We went to El Dorado, AR for Tadd's mom's ( Becky) annual family Christmas. El Dorado is such a pretty little place with really neat one of a kind boutiques. I def. could see myself spending a day shopping there! The square still has the old fashioned red telephone booths, would be perfect for a photo shoot! Tadd's aunt Karen was gracious enough to host the Christmas celebration weekend in her gorgeous home, we had about 10 people spread out in air mattresses in the living room and all the bedrooms full! She has a lake that the kids got to fish in and four wheelers to ride. The kids had a blast playing with all the other kids. It was really awesome to meet more of Tadd's family and everyone made me feel right at home. We played the annual dirty santa game where everyone brings a gift and you draw numbers and can take from one another. The kids each had gifts from aunt Karen so noone took theirs away, except Becky did steal al ittle boys football. Mike would have been proud! Tadd and I went to chrch with his aunt and uncle and it was such a friendly church. It was nice to be made feel so welcome by all. We also ate WAY too much! There was turkey, ham, duck, fried deer steak and all the fixings. The kids and I are so blessed to become part of such an amazing family with such special traditions!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More …

I forgot the other day Brit said Kindergarten is so easy…ANYONE could do it….well except babies….its SOOOOOOO easy…Brit also told me that only spanish people can speak spanish and can only talk to other spanish people…I shared with her that she can learn any language…to her and Lawson’s response “ We want to learn them all.” AWESOME kiddos!

Kiddo Funnies

So the other day I took the kids to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner…Lawson and I shared the salmon ( I love we have the same tastebuds) and as we were leaving Brit said “this place doesn’t give those crackers with the jokes inside?” I’m like what…you mean a fortune cookie..she’s like yeah thats what it is a cracker with a joke….Apparently she likes her fortune cookies.We had a blast trick or treating over the weekend. We went to Bentonville First Baptist Octoberfest then hit up some houses around the neighborhood. The kids had a blast! We even got to trick or treat Miss Becky’s! In the car on the way home the kids were fighting about weather or not they may get a brother or a sister in a few years. Britain wants a sister , Lawson a brother, it got heated until Brit said BOTH. We went to the coolest Halloween party that had a haymaze, hayrides, a haunted trail complete with a guy jumping out with a chainsaw. Brit was Dorothy and Lawson was a witch doctor. I got to enjoy their class parties again this year, nothing beats the excitement on their face when you show up at their school! I wish I had more time to blog….I am forgetting all the funny things the kiddos have done lately :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fun

We kicked off the weekend with the cub scout camp out. There were over 1,000 people there…and the people were nice enough to put mirrors in the port o potties for us! Good stuff. I managed to get my tent up rather quickly by myself I might add. Friday night was fun and before bed I told the kids the great legendary tale of ghost Butterworth. This is a ghost story my parents used to tell my brother and I so it was neat to share with them. They really enjoyed it and cuddled me good all night. A kid on each side makes a nice little heater! Saturday morning we had to be up early so we could leave camp and make it to Britain’s last soccer game and Lawson had a double header for baseball. Brit scored multiple goals and was very proud of her medal she earned. Lawson hit twice and did so well he got the game ball! He was SO excited. We headed back to camp and Lawson got to do archery and shoot bb guns, he was thrilled! During flag ceremony they had 5 paratroopers drop down and land right next to us, it was amazing! Lawson said he wants to skydive when he turns 18 but he said I cannot go because he doesn’t want me hurt.  Brit was a mini scout and enjoyed playing with all the boys.Saturday night was a big bonfire and we had a great time and finished the night with some stories before falling asleep. Both kids were out within minutes. Sunday morning we took down camp and headed home, camping wore us out! But our weekend wasn’t over yet we headed to Pea Ridge to Mcgarrah Farm’s pumpkin patch and met Missy, Mark and Kennedy. We had a blast even though we got a flat tire…I guess driving in the field at the campout we picked up a twig. No bueno! The patch was AWESOME you actually get to cut your own pumpkin off the stem! There were hay rides and fun for all! To make the weekend even better Tadd started on his way home from New York Sunday night. We had an amazing family night tonight. I love our little family and every minute we are together! Today was picture day and Brit picked her own outfit…Both kids looked adorable! On a funny note Brit kept singing this song its a no no to kiss a whine-o..Im like what?> After a bit I realized she was trying to say Rhino….woosh what a relief :)  fall2010 018 fall2010 026 fall2010 027 fall2010 030 fall2010 032 fall2010 034 fall2010 038 fall2010 041 fall2010 042 fall2010 046 fall2010 053 fall2010 054 fall2010 055 fall2010 058 fall2010 059 fall2010 060 fall2010 061 fall2010 062 fall2010 065 fall2010 067 fall2010 068 fall2010 073 fall2010 075 fall2010 078 fall2010 079 fall2010 081